For immediate release

Augsburg, Germany (March 15, 2005) — Ren=E9 Puls & Oliver Feiler GbR
(kcoresoft) releases Pipe 1.2 for Mac OS X.

About Pipe

Pipe is a Mac OS X Cocoa application made for developers and people who
are interested in learning and experimenting with scripting languages.
With Pipe’s intuitive three-pane layout, script development hasn’t been
easier before. You can simultaneously see your program, input data, if
needed, and output data. Effects of changes to the script code can be
seen immediately when you run the script in Pipe. This makes it the
ideal tool for learning new scripting languages and deepen your
inderstanding of already learnt languages.

Quick data visualization can be done fast and easily as Pipe directly
supports scripts that generate images or HTML code which will be
displayed accordingly. Sample scripts to demonstrate nearly all
capabilities are included with the application package as a script
library. Once in your script library, all of your scripts are accessible
from anywhere in Mac OS X through the services menu [1].

Addtionally, all development can be done in your favourite text editor
as Pipe supports a variety of external editors you can choose from. You
won’t have to get comfortable with yet another editor and learn yet
another bunch of key shortcuts.

Programming they way you want it.

What’s new in 1.2

* Greatly improved help book.
* Pipe can now process files directly from the Finder (via Services).
* New scripts: Man Page, Number lines, Rewrap Paragraphs, Find Package,
Uppercase, Lowercase, a Tic Tac Toe game, Draw Chart, Function Plotter.
* Support for two new external editors: Jedit X and mi.
* Support for multiple text encodings.
* You can now open from and save to simple shell script files.
* Many bug fixes and interface improvements.

See the release notes on our website for details.

Pricing and Availability

You can download Pipe from our web site
Pipe is shareware and as such you can try it out for 14 days until you’d
need to register it. A single user license is only $14.95 and can be
bought any time from our web store (

For volume license or questions regarding the registration process send
an email to our support staff at


1: Using Pipe as a system service is supported by all service aware Mac
OS X (Cocoa) applications.