March 1, 2005
ShuffleClip released for iPod Shuffle

The iPod shuffle has been a runaway success, and not surprisingly with
it’s attractive form factor and price point.

However, many new shuffle owners are not very fond of dangling their
iPod from a lanyard. The lanyard creates a mess around the shuffle
user’s neck, and exposes the iPod to potential damage.

The solution to this problem has arrived with a product appropriately
named the ShuffleClip.

The ShuffleClip is a simple, elegant case and clip for the iPod
Shuffle. Formed from a single piece of transparent PETG polymer, the
ShuffleClip compliments the design of the iPod while keeping it safe
and secure.

The ShuffleClip allows iPod owners to now wear their shuffle anywhere
they like. In a pocket, on a shirt, or clipped to a briefcase. Think

For more information visit The ShuffleClip
sells for $14.95 and is available now.