Apple is now offering .Mac members a free screen saver from XtremeMac’s Freefall satellite simulator and a 30 percent discount on the software. .Mac has also been updated with new tutorials covering iLife ’05 and more. “A Freefall screen saver, with breathtaking displays of satellites orbiting Earth, is now a free download for .Mac members. It’s a dazzling peek at the full version of XtremeMac’s Freefall Satellite Simulator & Screen Saver. Freefall puts the wonders of satellite exploration at your fingertips so you can view the flight paths of more than 850 existing orbiters, from government Global Positioning Systems to satellites used by weather services, search and rescue teams, and more.” .Mac’s Learning Center now offers tutorials on iLife ’05, as well as new and updated Mac OS X tutorials covering Trouble Shooting, and Networking.