Confirming a report from Merrill Lynch earlier today, Best Buy has quietly updated its online store with a note saying that it will sell Apple’s Mac mini at its brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S. The electronics retailer will offer both Mac mini models (1.25GHz/40GB and 1.42GHz/80GB) in its 660 stores “soon” and can be pre-ordered online now. Best Buy’s site also notes that its stores will soon begin selling Apple’s 512MB iPod shuffle–but not the 1GB iPod shuffle. Both models are available online, however. After a falling-out with Apple in 1999, select Best Buy stores began once again selling Macs in 2003 as part of a pilot program. However, no further expansion came out of the program. Best Buy currently carries Macs on its online store only. Best Buy stores have sold iPods since 2002.