The Wall Street Journal [paid sub. req.] says that shares of Apple could still have room to rise, even after tripling in the past year. “Last year’s gains were driven by soaring iPod sales, and there’s no reason to expect the music player’s momentum to slow. The rise of the iPod, however, is already reflected in Apple’s $30 billion stock-market value. So the stock needs some new drivers. And it is getting them, with Apple’s recent push into lower-priced music players and computers. At this month’s Macworld gathering in San Francisco, Apple introduced two bold new products: the iPod Shuffle, a $99 flash-memory-based music player priced sharply below the older disk-drive-equipped iPods, and the $499 Mac Mini, a computer that comes without a display, keyboard or mouse. Both are smartly designed, in the Apple tradition. They should go a long way to answering critics who’ve urged Apple to target a broader audience. With the Mini, Apple may have found a way to address the long slide in its share of the personal-computer business, recently 2%.”