eBook Publisher Will Debut Exclusive eBooks by Leading Technology Authors

ARLINGTON, Virginia (January 14, 2005) – SpiderWorks, LLC announced the
forthcoming launch of SpiderWorks eBooks on February 1, 2005. SpiderWorks
specializes in how-to eBooks, providing quality content from respected
authors at a low price. On February 1st, SpiderWorks will unveil its online
catalog and web store — http://www.spiderworks.com/ — with four exclusive
eBooks by leading technology authors such as Danny Goodman and Dave Mark,
whose best-selling books have helped educate legions of Macintosh
programmers world-wide.

While the initial crop of SpiderWorks eBooks will appeal to computer power
users and software developers, future releases will also include eBooks on
business strategies, music, Internet technologies, and other popular topics.

The following four eBooks will be available February 1, 2005 exclusively
from SpiderWorks.com:

“Danny Goodman’s AppleScript Handbook (Mac OS X Edition)”
Finally here, by popular demand! One of the most recommended AppleScript
books ever published, this definitive guide has been completely rewritten
for Mac OS X by scripting guru Danny Goodman. This super-sized, Third
Edition includes all new Mac OS X examples. Available as a PDF eBook for
only US $14.95 (USD).

“Learn C on the Macintosh (Mac OS X Edition)” by Dave Mark
Considered a classic by an entire generation of Mac programmers, this
popular guide has been completely updated and expanded for Mac OS X. Don’t
know anything about programming? No problem! Acclaimed author Dave Mark
starts out with the basics and takes you through a complete course in
programming C using Apple’s free Xcode Tools. Perfect for beginners
learning to program. Available as a PDF eBook for only $14.95 (USD).

“AppleScripting the Finder” by Ben Waldie
The Finder is the heart of the Mac OS. When driven by AppleScripts, the
Finder can be a powerful desktop assistant, replacing tedious tasks with a
single mouse click or keystroke. Automate your Mac with Ben Waldie’s expert,
time-saving AppleScript techniques that will streamline your daily workflow.
Available as a PDF eBook for only $9.95 (USD).

“Cocoa Game Programming Workshop” by David Hill
David Hill’s unique step-by-step lessons will show you how to build
CocoaQuest, a complete fully functional 2-D game for Mac OS X — from
scratch! This book will not only help you learn good game development
techniques, but will also help you master Cocoa programming. Both the
compiled full game and the complete source code of CocoaQuest are included
free with the purchase of this book! Available as a PDF eBook for only
$9.95 (USD).

SpiderWorks eBooks are specifically designed for on-screen reading, setting
SpiderWorks apart from other eBook publishers.

“For years, most publishers have been producing eBooks with page dimensions
that match those of traditional printed books. While that vertical format
may work well for physical books, it’s not well-suited for viewing pages on
the widescreen dimensions of a computer monitor,” said Dave Wooldridge,
President of SpiderWorks, LLC. “Beyond that, many eBooks in the marketplace
tend to be nothing more than scanned electronic versions of their printed
counterparts, failing to take advantage of the rich, interactive potential
of this digital medium. We aim to break the existing mold for eBooks,
offering a more intuitive on-screen experience for our readers.”

SpiderWorks eBooks utilize an innovative horizontal page format designed by
renown graphics expert and Mac author, Robin Williams. Optimized for easy
on-screen reading, yet also perfect for printing on 8.5″ x 11″ paper in
landscape mode, SpiderWorks eBooks are uniquely formatted and hyperlinked
for fast access and quick learning.

How-to books on new technologies often take months to appear on retail
shelves, but SpiderWorks is able to bypass those traditional print
production hurdles by embracing the eBook format as its primary publishing
platform, satisfying the immediate needs of today’s digital lifestyles in a
timely, cost-effective manner. SpiderWorks eBooks will be priced at only
$9.95 each, with special “super-sized” eBook titles priced at only $14.95
each (US Dollars). All related companion files, examples, and software
associated with each eBook will be available free to customers online at
SpiderWorks’ exclusive Customer Download Center.

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