Bare Bones Software Ships TextWrangler 2.0
Major Upgrade to General Purpose Text Editor Now With HTML Syntax
Coloring, Documents Drawer, Shebang Menu, SFTP Support and Much More

SAN FRANCISCO – January 11, 2005 – Macworld Conference & Expo Booth
#849 – Bare Bones Software, Inc., developer of leading-edge power
tools for Mac OS X, today announced the immediate availability of
TextWrangler 2.0, a major upgrade to its general purpose text

TextWrangler 2.0 introduces syntax coloring and function navigation
for eight new languages, plus a rich assortment of feature additions
and improvements, including a new Documents Drawer and Navigation
Bar, a new Shebang menu, SFTP support, enhanced multi-file search
and replace, the ability to apply Text Factories created with BBEdit
8, significantly enhanced text transformation tools, improved
Unicode support, and much more. TextWrangler 2.0 requires Mac OS X
10.3.5 or later.

“TextWrangler affords extreme power, to which we have added
significant feature depth, while maintaining a ‘lean and mean’
interface,” explained Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones
Software, Inc. “The art of this upgrade involved maintaining the
clean and usable interface, for which our products are widely
respected, while still adding a mind-boggling quantity of additions
in version 2.0. We are pleased that we have been able to accomplish
so much in the course of meeting our customers’ needs.”

New Features Focus on Enhancing Productivity

TextWrangler 2.0 introduces new interface options to allow multiple
documents to be opened into a single window, and to provide easy,
efficient navigation between multiple open documents. The Documents
Drawer presents a list of open documents in a given editing window,
and switches to another document with a single keystroke or mouse
gesture. The Navigation Bar works alone, or in concert with the
Documents Drawer, to provide an alternate interface for switching
between documents in a window while conserving screen real estate.

TextWrangler 2.0 now also offers syntax coloring and function
navigation for files written in HTML/XHTML, PHP, XML, ActionScript,
JavaScript, JSP, VectorScript, and VBScript. New Codeless Language
Modules provide the mechanism for customers to self-define support
of syntax coloring and function navigation capabilities for
additional languages using a plain text file, rather than compiled
code or plug-ins. Other visual navigation enhancements include a new
adjustable Page Guide, tab stop indicators, and an option for
highlighting the current line.

The new Shebang (#!) menu provides an integrated compliment of Unix
shell scripting features for Perl, Python or Unix scripts and
filters, including syntax checking, plus execution directly in
TextWrangler or the terminal window. SFTP support, added in version
2.0 to the “Open from FTP Server” and “Save to FTP Server” commands,
allow TextWrangler users to easily work with files stored on remote
servers, while employing a secure communications channel.

TextWrangler’s multi-file search and replace capabilities have been
enhanced in version 2.0 to support the searching of multiple
discrete files and folders as selected by the customer. Multiple
multi-file search and replace operations now run concurrently as
background tasks, leaving the application usable for other purposes.

A new “Apply Text Factory” feature in TextWrangler 2.0 provides a
mechanism by which TextWrangler customers can quickly and easily
apply a BBEdit-generated Text Factory across multiple files and
folders. BBEdit 8.0 or later is required to create Text Factories,
which may invoke AppleScripts and Unix scripts in addition to the
powerful arsenal of text transformations shared by both products.

TextWrangler 2.0 now uses ATSUI for text rendering which enhances
support for editing and processing Unicode text files, and can now
work with documents written in multiple Unicode-represented
languages. Additional integration with the Unix command-line
environment includes enhancements to the “edit” command-line tool
and a new “twdiff” tool for invoking TextWrangler’s powerful “Find
Differences.” Finally, TextWrangler 2.0 integrates support for the
Mac OS X system spelling checker.

For more information on TextWrangler 2.0 visit the company’s web


Pricing and Availability

TextWrangler 2.0 is available immediately, free of charge for all
Mac users.

Registered owners of TextWrangler are eligible for a significantly
discounted cross-upgrade price on BBEdit. BBEdit offers
professionals even more power, from advanced HTML and CSS tools to
seamless integration with version control systems, Text Factory,
Glossaries and much more.

All currently registered owners of TextWrangler version 1.0 and
later are also eligible for a credit of $49 on future purchases from
Bare Bones Software and will be notified automatically via email.
Commercial licensing terms are available for companies who wish to
add value to their products by including TextWrangler 2.0 in the
product distribution.

TextWrangler 2.0 may be obtained from Bare Bones Software at:


For additional details on TextWrangler 2.0 and other Bare Bones
Software products, please visit the company’s web site at
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call (781) 687-0700.

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