Bare Bones Software Ships TextWrangler 1.0
New General Purpose Text Editing Product for Writers,
Programmers and System Administrators

BEDFORD, Mass. – February 25, 2003 – Bare Bones Software, Inc. today
shipped TextWrangler(tm), a new product for general purpose text editing
and processing of data. TextWrangler runs only on the Mac(R) OS (including
Mac OS X) and is available immediately for electronic delivery from
( for an affordable introductory price of US$49.

Efficient and low-overhead, TextWrangler serves as an editor for composing
and modifying plain text and text-oriented data, including Unicode (UTF-8
and UTF-16) files and most non-Roman single-byte files. To aid in its use
for composition, TextWrangler includes an integrated spell checker and an
assortment of character formatting commands.

TextWrangler is a powerful tool for system administrators, able to
transparently read and write text files originating on a variety of
platforms, and on remote servers accessible via FTP. TextWrangler features
fast multi-file searching and replacing with optional PCRE (Perl-compatible
Regular Expression) matching, a rich plug-in architecture and an array of
built-in text transformation functions.

“You can really see Bare Bones Software’s legendary commitment to solid
engineering and product quality in every aspect of TextWrangler —
including its documentation – and combined with the low price and Bare
Bones Software’s unrivalled Technical Support, you have a new high water
mark for technical software on any platform,” said Terje Bless, programmer
and system administrator.

“TextWrangler allows you to wield great power when editing and manipulating
text, yet is easy to use and consumes very few system resources in
light-duty use,” explained Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones
Software. “Priced for any budget, TextWrangler is a useful alternative to
word processors for composition, and powerful enough to handle the heavy
lifting when processing large amounts of text data.”

“TextWrangler is a very robust text engine that offers only pleasant
surprises,” said Jan Erik Mostr=F6m, beta-tester and software developer. “It
is an excellent text munging tool that makes it possible to remotely edit
files on other computers. TextWrangler is fast and solid with the stability
you’d expect from a Bare Bones Software tool.”

Mac OS X users with administrative privileges can use TextWrangler’s
“authenticated save” feature to modify files owned by the “root” user.
TextWrangler can be integrated into Unix scripts and workflows by means of
the “edit” tool, which allows TextWrangler to be invoked from the Unix
command line.

For software developers TextWrangler presents syntax coloring and
source-code navigation for ANSI C, C++ and Objective C source files. The
Find Differences command allows programmers to easily determine difference=
between similar files. Integration with Project Builder (v2.1 or higher
required) and built-in support for Mac OS X developer help combine with
TextWrangler’s features to bring affordable power to programmers.

For more information on TextWrangler, or to download a fully functional
demo version, visit the company’s web site:


System Requirements, Pricing and Availability

TextWrangler requires Mac OS v9.1 or later (v9.2.2 recommended) or Mac OS X
v10.1.5 or later (v10.2.4 strongly recommended).

TextWrangler is available today for purchase and electronic download
directly from Bare Bones Software for an introductory price of US$49.
Multi-packs and site licenses are also available by contacting
( TextWrangler is not available through resellers. For
details please visit the company’s Web site at:


About Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Bare Bones Software, Inc., incorporated in 1994, is a privately-held
corporation based in Bedford, MA. BBEdit, the company’s flagship product,
has received numerous accolades from press and users, including a 2001
Macworld Editor’s Choice Award, a “Great” rating from MacAddict Magazine,
and a rating of 4-and-a-half mice from Macworld Magazine. The company’s
expanding product family also includes TextWrangler, a high-performance
plain text editor, Mailsmith, and Super Get Info. For more information,
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