–New Admin Tools Speed Startup of Internet Message Boards that Power
‘Customer Self Help,’ Saving Companies Money and Increasing Satisfaction–

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Dec. 22, 2004 — Web Crossing, Inc. today announced new
tools for their user-to-user support site customers. Companies using Web
Crossing as their message board and online customer support site, now have an
Easy FAQ Builder application and enhanced File Downloads Library capabilities.

Known for its scalability and extensibility, Web Crossing is the Internet
message board and collaboration tools server used by numerous companies for
providing online support, resources and 24/7 customer-to-customer support. Beta
programs and other access-sensitive situations can also incorporate Web
Crossing’s robust access controls with the new Easy FAQ Builder application and
enhanced File Download Library.

“Web Crossing is a great tool for online user support, giving you happier
customers and a more productive support staff,” explained Tim Lundeen,
and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc. “Users can search for information, ask questions,
help each other, share how they are using the product, plus access FAQs,
software updates, drivers and documentation. Using our new Easy FAQ Builder and
upgraded File Download Library tools, it’s even easier to create and manage a
user support site with Web Crossing.”

Now for the first time, administrators have a tool that streamlines the
of FAQs from directly within the user discussion area. Customer questions
can be
added to FAQ folders with point-and-click ease. Sysops and hosts viewing the
question can designate a question for FAQ inclusion with a button click, edit
the question and the answer, then add it to the appropriate FAQ folder in their
support site. Administrators set each FAQ folder’s access control, if

The File Downloads Library has also now been enhanced with the ability to add
file content-based keywords to the index, and take advantage of inclusion with
Web Crossing’s legendary fast, fully indexed Search. Administrators who
view the
file prior to uploading it can establish its keyword metadata, thus
ensuring the
contents of the file are represented in the searchable index.

Pricing, Compatibility and Availability
Available immediately for free, the Easy FAQ and enhanced File Downloads
is compatible with all Web Crossing installations. Additional information
can be
found at (http://www.webcrossing.com/Home/products/usertouser.html).

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