Automatically Catalog Wine Collections With Barcodes, AutoFill Capabilities

CARY, North Carolina (December 14th, 2004) – Intelli Innovations, Inc. today
unveiled IntelliScanner Wine Collector, the Company’s integrated
hardware/software package for automatically identifying and organizing
personal wine collections. By simply scanning the retail bar code found on
any wine bottle with the bundled Bluetooth=AE wireless or USB reader, Wine
Collector enters the name, varietal, winery, country, type, color, region,
and more in seconds with Internet-enabled AutoFill capabilities.

“Nearly every bottle of wine has a retail barcode on it. With the new Wine
Collector, you can take advantage of these barcodes to automatically
organize your wine collection,” said Travis J. Hicks, Product Manager. “By
bundling an easy-to-use IntelliScanner barcode reader and our comprehensive
wine management software, we’ve made it easy for anyone to take control of
their wine with barcodes and Bluetooth=AE wireless technology.”

Features & Benefits

Wine Collector includes everything in the box – both an IntelliScanner
Collector barcode reader and companion wine software for Mac OS X and
Windows. No prior knowledge about barcodes or retail technologies is
required to organize wine collections of any size. Wine Collector features:

– Mobile Bottle Scanning: Wine Collector simplifies collecting by scanning
the barcode found on the bottle. Featuring Bluetooth=AE wireless technology,
users of the wireless model can scan barcodes with 250 barcode
store-and-forward memory system, giving the device a virtually unlimited
range. The computer and scanner automatically connect when in close
proximity, downloading barcodes from memory and creating a live connection
for scanning. With the USB model, users can bring wine bottles to their desk
at their convenience to add them in.

– Internet-Enabled AutoFill: Utilizing the information found on the barcode,
along with Internet data sources, Wine Collector displays detailed product
information including name, varietal, winery, country, type, color, region,
and more. Users can also choose to share information on new wines with a
central IntelliScanner database to benefit peers.

– Maturity Tracking: Wine Collector features an automatic way to keep up on
the most important piece of information to any wine enthusiast: bottle
maturity. With fields for vintage and peak dates, Wine Collector offers a
color-coded maturity indicator that makes it easy to determine the best time
to open a bottle of wine.

– Advanced Tools For Ratings, Tasting Notes, And Sharing: Wine Collector
allows users to easily add wines to their collection, enter detailed tasting
notes, keep personal and published bottle ratings, and track bottle
locations throughout a home or business. An array of import and export tools
simplifies sharing wine information with friends – details can easily be
transferred to FileMaker Pro, Excel, XML, or an interactive web page.

Pricing, Availability, & Requirements
IntelliScanner Wine Collector is now available for pre-order, shipping
worldwide on January 10th, 2005 for Macworld Expo San Francisco.
Introductory pricing is $179.00 for the USB model, $279.00 for Bluetooth=AE
wireless through January 14th, 2005.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later, or Windows XP/2000/NT; Internet
connectivity; for the corded model, one free USB port; for the cordless
model, Bluetooth=AE wireless capabilities (either internal or provided by a
third-party adapter).

For detailed product information or to place an order, visit the product’s
web site at:

Wine Collector is part of the award-winning IntelliScanner product line:
complete, easy-to-use organization solutions for home, business, and

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