callas pdfLayerMaker now available: create layers directly from within
Adobe Acrobat

This is something PDF users have long been waiting for: callas
pdfLayermaker is a brand new tool that bridges a feature gap in
Acrobat, namely the possibility to create layers from within a PDF
file. The Plug-In has been designed for Acrobat 6 and will also be
available for Acrobat 7.

There were no such things as layers in PDF – or at least only those
which had been taken over from other applications. This is something
Acrobat users can change right now by using pdfLayerMaker. The Plug-In,
which runs under Mac OS X as well as under Windows 2000 and XP, breaks
new ground for PDF processing. Files can be arranged and managed as
layers, according to individual demands. It’s incredibly easy and takes
just seconds to do.

Side objects like texts, graphics, images color spaces or
transparencies are defined as layers – based on Preflight profiles –
which means they can then be handled separately. As in Photoshop and
InDesign, these layers can be faded in or out, deleted, flattened or
merged and of course output in whatever combination may be required.

Users may also add background layers, like grid lines for example, in
order to identify objects even more easily. The original file remains
untouched as pdfLayermaker creates new layer combinations in the form
of a copy PDF.

The application area of pdfLayerMaker covers the following:

– fast isolation and extraction of certain page objects (fold marks,
cutting marks, cutting dies)
– flexible checking of PDF aspects essential for production
– mark up of white or very bright objects by fading in coloured
background layers

pdfLayerMaker is ideally suited for all Acrobat users in creative,
prepress and printing industries who need an inexpensive and reliable
tool for advanced PDF checks, processing and grading. The example files
and profiles contained in the pdfLayerMaker package make entering the
world of PDF layers child’s play, while the package itself makes Adobe
Acrobat even more indispensable as a production tool.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this new dimension in PDF
processing. For the duration of the pre-Christmas product launch,
callas pdf Layermaker is available at the special introductory price of
just 79 euros per single user licence. You won’t get more PDF edit
options for less money.

You want more information? You want to test pdfLayerMaker?
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