A Macintosh application that can query Sybase, OpenBase, FrontBase,
PostgreSQL, Oracle, ODBC and MS SQL databases hosted on OSX, UNIX,
Linux, and Windows servers.

SyBrowser v6.5 features include:

– Added OpenBase support.
– Added a Cartesian graphing panel.
– Added a ‘Spotlight’-like search field that truncates the rows
displayed on the SQL panel.
– Added context sensitive Auto-Fill to the SQL statement panel.
– Added a ‘Spotlight’-like search field to the Sybase Stored procedures panel.
– Added help text and auto-fill for some common Sybase stored procedures
– Started work on Japanese, French, German and Spanish versions of SyBrowser.
– Added an encoding popup menu.
– Added a Preferences menu that displays the preferences panel.
– Fixed a bug in Find command where it was not searching the first column.
– Increased the click area around the end and start arms.
– Autosize now accommodates ellipses.
– Added “System” to the list of font names.
– Renamed “Ordinality” popup menu to “Optionality” on the “Edit
Relationships Info…” dialog
– Fixed Optionality bug with “1” arms.
– Most windows are now multiple screen friendly.
– Re-worked the ERD menus that delete tables and relationships.
– By default, new windows now display query results in the SQL panel.
– Changed the layout of the SQL panel.
– MS SQL ODBC login bug fixed on OS X and Windows.
– Added users name to the thanks section of the About SyBrowser dialog.
– Re-running the exact same query does not add the SQL repeatedly to
the History popup menu.
– Added shortcut menu items to get to each panel.
– The yes/no cancel dialog now looks more standard on Classic and
Win32 systems.
– Fixed the display of the “Admin” buttons on Windows.
– The “Create Query” Button is now disabled unless a row is selected
in either the table or column listboxes.
– Simultaneously pressing the command and shift keys along with the
“+” (plus) or “-” (minus) keys, increases or decreases the text size
of the selected listbox. This also works for the ERD listboxes.

SyBrowser Overview
SyBrowser is a table browser and alternative “isql” client for
Sybase databases. It facilitates SQL generation thorough a point and
click interface. SyBrowser also provides an overview of the tables
in Sybase, ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, OpenBase, FrontBase, PostgreSQL and
MS SQL databases. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse.
An ERD module allows the creation of visual representations of data models.

$89 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia
$49 upgrade from any previous version