A new edition of “If Monks Had Macs” library for Mac and Windows operating systems has been announced. The 24 volume 2005 edition of the Monks CD-ROM is a collection of interactive books, games, art and music that “take the artist’s passion for art and ideas out of the library and into the streets.” The library includes a new game and a new tool. The newest game, Killing Time, is contemplative solitaire for monks. In addition, the new version of the unique Monks “threaded” journal is a “tool for exploring your inner world,” and Sophie, the new e-book reader, is a tool for exploring the outside world. Sophie e-book reader 1.02 is available as a free download and comes with ten free ebooks. If Monks had Macs version 5.01 works on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X and is priced at US$29.