– Quizzing technology, and much more added to this instant web digital
feedback tool

Phoenix, AZ – April 2, 2002 – Tired of distributing and tabulating paper
quizzes by hand? Wish you could instantly compile the latest customer
feedback trends? Today, Waves in Motion released Dragon Web Surveys 6.5, an
upgrade to the powerful, cross-platform, FileMaker Pro-based system which
allows users to create, publish and tabulate internet-based surveys, with no
web programming needed.

With a re-designed interface, Dragon 6.5 adds the power of built-in support
for web-based quizzes. Administrators can select between two types of
questions (single and value) and assign a score to every question. When the
responses are compiled, instantly view the totals scored by each individual
on a summarized score card based on each section, or keep the results

“Also new to surveys is the ability to attach a point value to any answer,”
said Vincenzo Menanno, President of Waves in Motion. “This very powerful
feature allows the dragon to total up all the points, and rank them in
order of importance. An example might be to attribute high points to
companies with more than 20 employees, and sales of over 2 million.
The Dragon makes it really easy to find potential leads. Just export
results and sort by points.”


– Support for building quizzes as well as surveys
– New and improved interface
– Compiles score for quiz and show scorecard (optional)
– Columns for received and compiled responses
– Point tracing for every possible answer element (survey only)
– New Likert scale labeling options
– Improved import and export
– Anonymous masking for responses
– Global headers and footers
– Improved email announce
– Improved reporting
– Improved idle time processing


– Unlimited surveys
– Unlimited questions and answers
– Unlimited responses
– Support for embedded images
– Isolation reports
– Comparative reports (similar to cross tab)
– Conditional branching
– Export data
– Style sheets for global modifications
– Multiple (Section) page surveys
– Multiple-user support (users build and manage their own surveys)
– Authentication support provided with four different levels
– Email notification for ‘n’ responses received
– Announce a winner every ‘n’ responses
– Real-time results processing
– Idle-time processing
– Redirect responses


– Texas:

“We used Dragon to survey our state’s directors of special education to get
their opinions concerning proposed legislation. We surveyed 600 directors
all across the state of Texas and within one week, we were able to present
to our commissioner of education our opinions on some 23 legislative

Dennis Price, Special Education Director
Amarillo Independent School District

– Michigan:

“The Dragon’s ease-of-use, intuitive interface, flexibility, and automatic
scoring provided unprecedented real-time insight into how students were
faring, and allowed for immediate intervention and class improvements. The
Dragon permitted me to build a meaningful assessment tool and allowed the
students to provide valuable input, yielding a much improved learning

Professor Kurt Paterson, Ph.D,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michigan Technological University

– California:

“In one day we had the survey up and running. The results are provided
graphically and numerically in a way that is very useable. The hardest part
for us now will be writing the surveys. We continue to be amazed at the
number of our students homes with computers and internet connections.”

Barbara Anderson, Webmaster
East Side Union High School District


The Dragon Web Surveys 6.5 requires FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited or higher with
a dedicated IP address and runs on both Macintosh 8.6 (or higher), Mac OS X
and Windows 95/98/NT. For users who don’t own FileMaker Unlimited, a
run-time version is available for remote hosting through Waves in Motion.

Pricing and Availability:

The Dragon Web Surveys 6.5 retails for $895 for a full version with a single
user license. Upgrade from 6.0 is $99, and $295 from any previous version.
For additional licenses, upgrades, or educational pricing please call.

Download a demo (limited to 50 responses per survey or quiz) of Dragon 6.5



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