StickyBrain 2. Store anything. Find anything. One click.

Park City, UT – April 2nd, 2002 — Chronos LC today announced the release
of StickyBrain 2, a productivity application that lets the user store
anything and find anything with one click. According to Robert McCullough,
StickyBrain Product Manager at Chronos, “StickyBrain 2 creates a new genre
of software for Macintosh computers. Its omni-present nature allows users
to store and find important information regardless of which application
they’re using. It’s like having a photographic memory.” Chronos also warns
that StickyBrain 2 is likely to become the most used piece of software on a
user’s desktop.

StickyBrain 2 solves a long-standing problem for computer users: where does
one put all the miscellaneous information that doesn’t neatly fit anywhere
else? StickyBrain’s slogan is “Store anything. Find anything. One click.”


StickyBrain 2 makes it easy to store almost any kind of information. It can
save text, pictures, sounds, web and e-mail addresses, file links,
calendars, etc. StickyBrain is a powerful, free-form information manager
with a user-friendly sticky note interface. Not organized? No problem.
Users can treat StickyBrain like a really big drawer–just throw everything
into it. The new system-wide contextual menu allows users to grab text from
their Internet browser, e-mail program or any other application with a
single click, even if StickyBrain isn’t running.

What can StickyBrain store? Users have come up with hundreds of diverse
ideas including everything from brainstorming sessions and car buying
research to articles on gardening.


One of StickyBrain 2’s significant new features is the Sticky Browser. The
Sticky Browser works like a good Internet search engine. Enter a few search
words and StickyBrain will immediately compile a list of matching stickies,
which can be edited right in the Browser window.

Another new feature, Text Lookup, ties the power of the Sticky Browser to
other applications. This useful feature allows users to search for
relationships between their information in StickyBrain and content in other
applications. StickyBrain can even examine a web page and immediately
locate the user name and password for that page.


StickyBrain 2’s one click technology lets users focus on ideas, without
having to worry about the details. “Click it and forget about it.”
Information can be saved with one click and will be available when the user
needs it. Since the process is so easy, users can choose to store not only
what they need but also what they think they might need.


* New!Sticky Browser performs Boolean searches like an Internet search
* New!System-Wide Contextual Menu for one click storing and finding
* New!Sticky Slider visually filters data
* New!Web Page Grabber quickly captures web articles
* New!Calculator With Tape records calculations
* New!Text Cleanup enhances appearance of text
* New!Aqua Stickies offers a modern look
* New!Security Options hides and password protects private data
* New!Scroll Wheel Support under OS X
* New!Service Menu Support under OS X
* New!Critical Alarm Option reminds until dismissed
* See ( for over 38 new features and


StickyBrain 2 requires Mac OS 9 or higher including Mac OS X. The
application occupies less than 10 MB of disk space and uses less than 5000K


Chronos believes users should have the opportunity to try the software for
free before they purchase. A 30 day trial version can be downloaded from
Chronos’ website at StickyBrain 2 may be purchased for
$39.99 from the Chronos website.

Registered StickyBrain 1.x users may upgrade to StickyBrain 2 for $25
through May 30, 2002. As an added bonus, registered StickyBrain 1.x users
may upgrade to StickyBrain 2 and receive Personal Organizer (regularly $60)
for half price. This $55 bundle upgrade offer is available through May 10,