November 14, 2004 – T-Squared Software today released Version 2 of
FootTrack, the first major update to their digital video cataloging

FootTrack is a Mac OS X application that allows you to capture, catalog an=
easily search all your digital video tape footage. You can think of it as
iPhoto for your digital video.

Why it is more than worth checking out:

* Searching your clips is vastly improved. It is now real time while also
allowing searching across all your tapes without needing to select them

* Burn your cataloged tapes to CD/DVDs to free up disk space, do a backup
or to view on another computer with FootTrack installed. When you insert
the CD/DVD the tapes are added to your catalog.

* Anamorphic (widescreen) support has been added. Video clips marked as
anamorphic now play back in widescreen format. When they are compressed to
create preview copies they retain their widescreen aspect ratio.

* Custom compression settings. You can now create your own custom
compression settings to go along with the built-in Low/Medium/High settings.

* Handling of catalogs located on external firewire drives has been greatly

* German localization added! Thanks to Fiver L=F6cker.

* Completely redone icons by Jordan Langille @

* Many more improvements and fixes. See the downloads page for a more
detailed listing.

A non-expiring demo version is available at
A single user license costs $49.95US. Educational pricing is also available.

This update is free for users who purchased version 1.7 and later. To
upgrade to 2.0 from an earlier version the price is $19.95US.