A Macintosh application that can query Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and
MS SQL databases hosted on OSX, UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

SyBrowser v6.1 features include:

– Pressing the Command key and the down arrow moves forward though
the history of executed statements.
– A new preference was added. “Show Results In SQL panel”
– All databases available to Sybase users are now displayed in the
Database popup menu.
– Relationships, when selected via a mouse click on any horizontal or
vertical arm, now show drag handles.
– Oracle, ODBC and PostgreSQL databases should now be able to be
queried from MacOS X and Windows.
– Added “Marching Ant” ERD selection
– Improved the auto-completion of columns names after adding a period
to the table name in the SQL statement field
– Added a ‘Dump Tran with no_log” button on the Index panel for
native Sybase connections.

SyBrowser Overview
SyBrowser is a table browser and alternative “isql” client for
Sybase databases. It facilitates SQL generation thorough a point and
click interface. SyBrowser also provides an overview of the tables
in ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases. Complex
queries can be saved to disk for reuse.
An ERD module allows the creation of visual representations of data models.

$89 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia
$49 upgrade from any previous version