Menlo Logic Announces Virtual Passage SSL VPN Client for MacOS X
Palo Alto, CA (November 6, 2004) – Menlo Logic, a trusted provider of SSL
VPN products, today announced that the Virtual Passage SSL VPN client now
supports Apple Mac operating systems. Besides web and Java based access to
network resources, Mac users can now connect to all IP applications,
including VoIP, mapped network drives, and native email applications
because all TCP, UDP, ICMP, and NetBIOS data can be routed over the SSL VPN
tunnel. Like Virtual Passage for Windows, the new Virtual Passage client
for MacOS X securely extends the corporate network to Mac clients.

“We have received huge demand from Mac users for Virtual Passage support.
And our experience is probably not unique-with more and more home users
buying PowerBook and iBook laptops, even companies that have standardized
on Microsoft Windows will need to support Mac clients,” said Gopal
Jayaraman, CTO of Menlo Logic. “We are proud to include Virtual Passage for
MacOS X in our AccessPoint SSL VPN portal.”

Virtual Passage for MacOS X provides temporary IP, DNS, and route settings
to the Mac client, so the user can transparently access machines on the
corporate network by name or by IP address. Because all VPN communications
are performed over HTTPS, the Virtual Passage client avoids the firewall
and NAT traversal issues common with IPSec and PPTP VPN clients. Now, Mac
users can access individual applications such as Intranet web sites or file
shares through the web-based SSL VPN portal or they can launch Virtual
Passage to access all network resources.

Virtual Passage also supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server
and Windows 2003 server.

About Menlo Logic
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Logic’s SSL VPN Enterprise Suite delivers best-of-breed secure remote
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