With his “tongue occasionally in cheek,” MSNBC’s Philipp Harper has posted “History’s 10 greatest entrepreneurs.” Not suprisingly, Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made the list. “Apple’s two Steves weren’t the first Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to launch a billion-dollar business from a Palo Alto garage — Hewlett and Packard were there before them — but they were the first to democratize computing by creating a machine whose use was so wonderfully intuitive that even technophobes embraced it. Combine the elegance of Wozniak’s operating system design with Jobs’ marketing savvy (remember Apple’s “1984” ad?) and the result was a true phenomenon. Yes, the Apple was eclipsed by the PC, but only after Microsoft (behind the vision of two other notable entrepreneurs, Bill Gates and Paul Allen) developed Windows to ape its rival’s ease of use.” Others on the list: King Croesus, Pope Sixtus IV, Ben Franklin, P.T. Barnum, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Siegel, Ray Krock, H. Ross Perot.