Vara Software Ships Videocue for Macintosh – If you’ve got something to say,
say it with Videocue.

London, England – October 18, 2004 – Vara Software today shipped Videocue
for Macintosh, a revolutionary new way to get your voice heard. Videocue
turns your computer into a recording teleprompter, allowing you to create
videos of you speaking directly to your audience. Without having to
memorize one line of your text.

– Focus on Your Message –

“What Videocue allows you to do is focus on your delivery, not the text,”
said Paul Carnine, co-founder and president of products. “You type the text
you want to read, then you sit back and comfortably read the text aloud as
it scrolls by. That’s it – no memorization, no worries – record again and
again until you hit it just right. You’ll love the ease of creating talking
point videos, be it for your business, school, or community news.”

– Beyond a Teleprompter –

Though marrying a teleprompter with your camera is a powerful solution in
and of itself, Videocue goes one step further allowing you to add photos,
music, and titles to your presentation.

“We believe software should do the hard work, leaving the creative bits to
you” said Simon Clarke, co-founder and president of technology. “You drag a
photo next to a line of text, and as you speak that line, the photo appears.
Use our professional titles in the exact same way. It’s so easy to use.”

– Videoblogging a reality –

Videocue is the first to deliver video blogging, on any platform. “When you
are satisfied with your recording, just publish directly to your weblog,”
said Mr. Carnine. “Videocue will embed your QuickTime video and text for

Videocue is built for Mac OS X, 10.3 (“Panther”), requires Quartz Extreme,
and is optimized for G4 and G5 processors. For Weblog features, Videocue
integrates with the most commonly used weblog software (LiveJournal,
Blogger, MovableType, and the upcoming Tiger Weblog service).

– About Vara Software –

Vara Software Limited, founded in 2003, develops media related software.
Vara Software is located in London, England. More information on Vara
Software is available at