Phoenix, AZ, October 6, 2004 — Waves in Motion announces the release of
its cross platform solution, Analyzer 4.0. Analyzer 4.0 is the first tool
of its kind for FileMaker 7.0 developers who want to document,
troubleshoot, and debug their FileMaker 7.0 solutions.

Analyzer 4.0 delivers performance! Imports for a simple solution occur in
SECONDS and a larger more complex solution in MINUTES. “Speed was our
number one goal for this product, and I believe we achieved that goal,”
according to Marcus Silving, CEO of Waves in Motion.

According to Eric Jungemann, General Partner, InfoMatrix, LLC, “Analyzer
4.0 is a critical part of our development process. It is extremely helpful
in the analysis of FileMaker 7.0 applications created by other parties or
converting solutions. It can save hours in scoping work effort. It is
important during the development process to find and report on issues. It
provides an important element of version control with comparison reports
between versions. We simply can’t live without it. It is an essential
part of any FileMaker 7.0 professional’s toolkit. Even better, Waves in
Motion improves it all the time!”

Analyzer’s legendary problem dots have been expanded to include Orange
DotsTM (for dependencies), and Green DotsTM (for references). Finding
important information to make programming decisions has never been easier.

Analyzer allows the user to search for objects, and then instantly hot-link
to them. Developers become more productive when they can easily track down
where a certain field is referenced or where certain functions are used in

One of the most impressive features of Analyzer 4.0 is its ability to
compare one version of a database against another version. Analyzer 4.0
will report any changes, right down to a single-pixel level of accuracy.
This feature is very useful for developers working on projects for clients
who like a history of all the changes made to a database. Simply run
Analyzer before and after the changes and compare the analyses.

Another feature developers will find useful is Analyzer’s Element reports,
including: field reports, layout reports, and script reports. Developers
can determine the level of information analysis they require by choosing
between detail or summary reports. Analyzer also allows the developer to
add a solution note or an analysis note to any element. The notes are
captured in the Element reports. Notes can also be searched.

Analyzer allows hot linking to any element that is in some way related to
or dependent upon by the current element. This makes it possible to debug
dependencies, and to isolate and print references.

Analyzer also offers developers the ability to trace a script, making it
possible to see all the steps touched by one script when it triggers and
all the sub-scripts which are triggered. There are two ways to view the
script trace report, exploded and condensed. Using these reports, you can
quickly trouble shoot dependencies.

For anyone planning to build a solution in FileMaker 7 or convert an
existing solution, Analyzer 4.0 is an indispensable tool. Analyzer tracks
database file references, embedded layout objects, and script step file
references and then presents the information in meaningful reports.

To test-drive Analyzer 4.0 today, please go to:

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Waves in Motion is a Partner Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance and
a member of the Apple Developer Program. Imagine the things you can do!

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