Apimac has released a free version of Strip HTML 2.0. The new version is called Strip HTML Lite and is the free version, with limitations, of Strip HTML.

Strip HTML is designed for bloggers, web editors, designers and programmers who work daily with tens of .html files. Strip HTML makes it possible to get text from any webpage cleaned up from any code tags. Just drag and drop on the application’s window a .html file, a portion of code or, even a web address directly from Safari or other browsers. Strip HTML will restore the page’s text free from any HTML tags and will place it in order, on a list with all links and media present.

In addition, thanks to the Strip Clipboard function, it’s now possible to clean up from HTML tags any code portion which has been copied to the Notes. Pasting it will result in text already cleaned up.

In the free version text processing is limited to five pages per day, sessions are limited to 30 minutes, and you can only open one new window per session. Both it and the paid (US$9.99) version are available at the Mac App Store. They require Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher.