Xnet Communications announces the release of new version of its popular
FTP/SSL-FTP/SFTP Client for Mac OS X – Captain FTP 3.5.

Make FTP Simple and Fun!

Xnet have taken the core strengths of Captain FTP, namely ease of use,
powerful FTP engine, and comprehensive functionality, and built upon them
to put more control and power in the hands of the user.

Users can take advantage of the enhanced Applescripting support to automate
file transfers, or manage file transfers through the enhanced Transfer
Manager, one of the show pieces of Captain FTP.

The Transfer Manager has been given a major overhaul so that all transfers
are controlled by the Transfer Manager. New features now include a
controlled queue for uploads, and support for accelerated uploads through
segmented transfer. Transfers can now be modified, this includes pausing,
and halting transfers. The user can set default folders to store the quick
‘double-click’ file transfers, or view error messages for failed transfers,
and status of all current transfers.

The user has more control with added options, to allow the user to view,
and set the Lock/Unlock status of a file, and customize the appearance of
hidden files, or aliases. The user can also set permissions for groups of
files, and folders can be modified remotely or locally. The favorites
Address Book can now be saved/export to an external file, and used to
import addresses by Captain FTP clients on other computers, or used as a
Rescue Copy to restore your address book. This also include the export of
favorite folders, and passwords.

Captain FTP is a shareware product and its license key costs $25. However,
for those who has got Captain FTP 3.x license key the newest upgrade is
FREE of charge. All users that still have previous 2nd generation of
Captain FTP may easily upgrade to 3.5 directly taking full advantages of
discounted offer. Just enter the software home page, login into your
account using your registered email address and get your new license key
for only $15. As in the past, the new licence key is valid for whole 3rd
generation of Captain FTP including all its subversions starting from 3.x,
often released build levels and any kind of producer’s support.

Similar to other shareware products Captain FTP is distributed only
electronically and you can find it on versiontracker.com or macupdate.com
under following links:



For further information, please use the following links:

Product information portal: http://www.captainftp.com

Company information: http://www.xdsnet.net