OdysseyHR Single User offers the functionality of an enterprise application
but is priced to be your HR-on-a-Budget solution. It empowers small
business with the advantages that were previously limited to large
enterprise installations. OdysseyHR offers a full-featured HRMS on the OS X
or Windows platform, utilizing an integrated 4-D, Oracle or SQL Server
database and with a fully integrated WebObjects Self-Service Web application

OdysseyHR evolved from a 20 year partnering with global market leaders, an
evolution that captured the essence of a successful Apple-based HRIS and
incorporated international functionality and features that now place this
application at the forefront of the industry. The unique design provides an
application profile and growth pattern that can support a small business
today and grow seamlessly with your needs into a global installation.

OdysseyHR Single User Version of their HRMS software offers this
functionality at a price that will make us your HR-on-a-Budget solution. At
OdysseyHR, it is not just the purchase price we focus on with our
HR-on-a-Budget offering, but the support costs as well. We’ve taken a full
look at the infrastructure and maintenance resources that can limit small
business from having applications with this kind of power and functionality

Our integrated strength in programming provides a flexible application that
is not encumbered by restrictive hard coding, empowering our users with
versatility and features, superior security design at the database level
and the flexibility to tailor the application in-house to meet your
evolving demands, including all privacy legislation.

This Single User version completes the offering to the OdysseyHR family,
enabling OdysseyHR to provide a scalable HRMS solution that can grow with
your business at a price that won’t run you out of business. OdysseyHR
provides versatility and an application profile that allows it to support
local to global installations for organizations from 50 to 50,000.

Contact OdysseyHR International Inc. at sales@odysseyhr.com to arrange a
full demo of the application or view our on-line short highlight demos on
our website homepage. For more information about OdysseyHR and our complete
software offerings for all sizes of organizations, please visit: