Version 1.0 of Asiva JPEG Deblocker Plug-In Released

Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc. (SCGI) is announcing the release of Version
1.0 of the Asiva JPEG Deblocker Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 5.5 through CS,
for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. All Asiva products
feature 16-bit per component internal processing, and within Photoshop the
plug-ins supports 8 or 16-bit, RGB or CMYK files. The Asiva JPEG Deblocker
Version 1.0 plug-in retails for $49 at (

We should try to avoid using JPEG compressed files to perform enhancements,
but create them only as an output file permutation for e-mail or WEB.
However sometimes they are the only existing version to work with.

The JPEG algorithm attempts to compress images in such a way that storage
requirements are minimized while keeping the image perceptually undistorted
as much as possible. This is accomplished by finding regions in the image
that have a low amount of detail and lumping those pixels into 16 x 16
square pixel blocks that will have the same color information.

The problem of JPEG blocks manifests itself and becomes quite visible when
we attempt to manipulate the JPEG image based upon color information with
some sort of Asiva Operation or Photoshop Filter.

The Asiva JPEG Deblocker Plug-in prepares a JPEG file for subsequent image
enhancement by smoothing out the blocks in low saturation high luminance
areas while preserving detail in the rest of the image, so you should run
this plug-in on a JPEG file before doing anything else. You may not notice
any visible change after running the plug-in, but will upon performing
additional color editing.