CPLAT II: Cross-platform Framework

ksoft (www.ksoft.net) is pleased to announce the release of CPLAT II
which is a complete redesign and modernization of the original CPLAT
cross-platform framework.

CPLAT II is a modern C++ framework using policies and STL for
development of C++ application that will run under MacOS and / or
Windows. Linux support is partial at this time.

CPLAT II does not emulate a platforms controls, but instead uses the
native OS controls on the underlying platform. This means that the
following platform features are incorporated in CPLAT II.

– HIViews
– Quartz
– Carbon Events
– Sheets
– Composited Windows
– Metal Windows
– Drawers
– Navigation Services
– Nibs
– Bundles
– QuickTime
– OpenGL
– Mach or CFM

– Native controls
– GDI+
– QuickTime with QuickTime installed
– OpenGL

CPLAT can be built using the following supported compilers / build

– Codewarrior Pro 8.x
– Codewarrior Pro 9.x
– Apples ProjectBuilder
– Apples XCode

– Codewarrior Pro 8.x
– Codewarrior Pro 9.x
– VisualC++ 6
– VisualNet 7

CPLAT II is available for $50 and includes complete source code,
and documentation for all demos, tools and framework. Updates are posted
several times a year. CPLAT II can be used in commercial, shareware or
freeware applications without any further licensing costs.

Full details and trial projects can be found at: