Intego Releases a Powerful Program to
Protect Access to Hard Disks and Removable Media

Austin, Texas – Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, today announced
the release of Intego DiskGuard X3, a powerful program that prevents
unauthorized access to internal and external hard disks and removable
media. A disk protected with Intego DiskGuard X3 requires that a user enter
a password before accessing any of its files. If the user does not enter
the correct password, they simply cannot access the disk’s files and data.

DiskGuard X3, the successor to the acclaimed DiskGuard and FileGuard for
Mac OS 9, protects all internal and external hard disks in HFS+ format, as
well as removable media such as USB flash memory drives, FireWire or USB
hard drives, or magneto-optical disks, from unauthorized access both on
individual computers and across a network. Its permanent security means
that no one can access a protected disk without the correct password.

When a user starts up a Macintosh computer protected with Intego DiskGuard
X3, they must enter a special DiskGuard X3 password even before logging in.
This prevents all unauthorized users from accessing the data on the
computer. This is especially useful for PowerBooks and iBooks, which may
get lost or stolen no one can access the data on these computers without
the appropriate password.

“Computers running Mac OS X can be started up from CD-Roms, or started in
target disk mode from other Macs, circumventing most disk protection
software,” said Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego, “DiskGuard X3 provides solid
protection for both desktop and portable computers, preventing all
unauthorized access, even by such methods.”

Intego DiskGuard X3 features:

A clear, easy to use interface
Password protection for volumes and disks
Protects internal and external hard disks
Protects removable media, even on computers where Intego DiskGuard X3 is
not installed
Password required at start-up or disk mount for total protection
Compatible with all HFS+ disks
Full log of access activity
Total data protection

System requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 or later. Intego DiskGuard X3 is fully compatible with
Panther (Mac OS X 10.3)
10 MB hard disk space

Intego DiskGuard X3 will be available in Q4 2004 from Intego via the
company’s website, (, as well as from
Macintosh software resellers.

About Intego
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