SpamSieve has been updated to version 2.2, and you can download the new
version from these sites:


After downloading, quit your mail program and the SpamSieve
application, and then replace the old SpamSieve application file with
the new one.

This update is free and includes the following enhancements:

* Improved accuracy, due to better message analysis, use of the Habeas
Whitelist, and leveraging of SpamAssassin’s heuristic tests.

* Easier (more automatic) to train.

* The corpus and rules are now searchable and AppleScriptable.

* The blocklist and whitelist can now import addresses, and they
support additional match fields: From (name), Any Recipient, Any
Address, Any Character Set, and Any Attachment Name.

* Additional notification options include flashing a Griffin
PowerMate, Entourage sound sets, and access to sound files installed
by your e-mail program.

* Apple Mail plug-in now protects against Web bugs, colors messages
according to how spammy they are, and moves false positives back to
the proper inbox.

* Entourage address book integration now catches spam messages that
are forged to look like you sent them.

* Can automatically whitelist the recipients of your outgoing

* Complete Change List: