Workamajig (, the software program for ad
agencies and others in the creative and design industries, has
announced new features of its project management software, with a new
drag and drop Flash Calendar and support for Apple’s upcoming Mac OS
X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

Adding to the Drap and Drop Flash Gannt Chart, Workamajig’s new Flash
interface, due out at the end of 2008, will allow users of the
Workamajig software to manage their calendar directly through the
graphical Calendar view, and will feature a revamped and renewed
Calendar, offering drag and drop capabilities.

The release will be building on the foundation upgrade that
Workamajig made to its ad agency management software earlier this
year, addressing interface improvements. The Flash Calendar
introduces two types of meetings into Workamajig: Personal and
Public. Personal meetings are visible only to the attendees of the
meeting; Public meetings are accessible to anyone with rights to view
that public meeting folder.

Workamajig users will also be able to combine calendars for their
Company and Project Events and even filter the Project Calendars by
Client showing all timelines for each Project. As always with
Creative Manager Inc.’s products, no installation or conversion are
necessary, and all updates are at no cost to the over 18,000 users of
Workamajig. All client logins and vendor log-ins are always free.

All updates are deployed using Workamajig’s own Auto-Updater, which
allows them to deploy updates to all hosted sites, and to clients’
servers at any time.