FmPro Migrator 2.19 EE for MacOS X Migrates FileMaker to

8-23-2004 – Fremont, CA – .com Solutions Inc.
releases FmPro Migrator 2.19 Enterprise Edition for MacOS X and
Windows – New Release Adds FileMaker to FrontBase Migration
.com Solutions Inc., a developer of
multi-platform database migration and development tools, has released
FmPro Migrator 2.19 for MacOS X and Windows with support for FileMaker
to FrontBase migrations. FileMaker to FrontBase migration features
include the generation of Perl CGI scripts for FileMaker data which
has been converted to FrontBase database tables.
FmPro Migrator standardizes and automates
FileMaker database migration procedures including data type matching,
field to column renaming, table creation, FileMaker field size
determination and data transfer for 8 different database servers.
Supported databases include MySQL, Oracle (8, 8i-9i, 10g), Access, SQL
Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and FrontBase.
FmPro Migrator Features include:
— FrontBase Support – FileMaker Pro databases
can now be converted to FrontBase database tables. FileMaker database
solutions can be scaled up to FrontBase for improved performance and
reduced maintenance.
— Table Creation SQL Code Created Automatically
– FrontBase table creation SQL code is generated for each FileMaker
database processed by FmPro Migrator. FileMaker field names are
re-created as SQL92 compliant column names while taking into
consideration SQL92 reserved words.
— FileMaker Field Size Calculation – In order to
properly size each FrontBase column, a field size report is created
for each FileMaker database file. This report lists the name of each
field along with the maximum amount of data located within each
FileMaker field. This report helps the database developer customize
the table creation SQL code to match the size of the data to be
— MacOS X and Windows Compatibility – FmPro
Migrator runs on MacOS X and Windows, thus enabling developers to use
their preferred platform for creating the migration
— Direct Data Transfer – Includes JPEG Images –
FmPro Migrator utilizes an ODBC connection between FileMaker Pro and
FrontBase in order to accurately transfer all FileMaker data types to
FrontBase. This direct transfer of data preserves special characters
within text fields and JPEG images within FileMaker container fields.
There is no need to export data into CSV or TAB delimited text files
while performing the migration process.
— Perl CGI Script Generation – FmPro Migrator
for MacOS X generates Perl CGI scripts for each layout of the original
FileMaker database (or all fields on Windows). These Perl CGI scripts
provide a web based interface for FileMaker data once it has been
migrated to FrontBase. Records may be inserted, queried, updated or
deleted via this web interface. Images within FrontBase BLOB columns
are displayed along with the rest of the data within each individual
database records. Text within FrontBase CLOB columns is displayed in a
similar manner.
— FileMaker 7 Support – FmPro Migrator supports
migrating all database tables from individual FileMaker 7 database
files to FrontBase.
FmPro Migrator is available for MacOS X and
Windows. A free demo version of FmPro Migrator may be downloaded
from (a
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