New Drive Vaccine for Mac and Windows Offers Cross-Platform Security for
Schools and Public Access Computer Providers

VANCOUVER, B.C. — August 17, 2004 — /Xpress Press/ — Horizon DataSys
Inc. announces Drive Vaccine (, a
cross-platform security solution that tackles the real world IT challenges
faced by organizations offering public computer access including schools,
libraries, government agencies, Internet cafes and others.

Drive Vaccine is designed for institutions requiring optimal availability
and functionality of their public access computers. Regardless of what a
user does, including erasing files, installing software, downloading
viruses, or tampering with desktop settings, workstations running Drive
Vaccine will rollback to their original configuration upon restart. They
will be perfectly configured and available for the next user, without the
need for IT troubleshooting.

“What sets Drive Vaccine apart from its competitors is its cross-platform
capability. It is the only product in its class that works on both Mac and
Windows operating systems,” said Lyle Patel, Director of Sales and Marketing.

“Furthermore, we provide a networking console that delivers remote
management capabilities for both PC and Macintosh installations at no
additional cost. Some IT Directors claim that Drive Vaccine is saving them
over 35% on their IT costs.”

According to Patel, some 92% of school districts, colleges and universities
have some combination of PC and Mac workstations. Hybrid OS environments
also exist in many non-educational organizations.

“Instead of segregating Windows and Macintosh users with different profiles
and security solutions, we’ve consolidated our robust desktop security to
protect, manage and remotely control workstations,” added Patel. “With our
solution, computer labs can now operate Windows and Macs on the same local

Because it deals with low-level support issues, Drive Vaccine allows
technicians to focus on serious networking and technical issues. Drive
Vaccine helps maintain a consistently clean system, thus increasing the
life expectancy of a workstation by optimizing its performance.

Drive Vaccine consolidates a number of features resulting in a
comprehensive security solution. For example, Instead of using multiple
hard drive cleaning and systems maintenance applications to remove spyware,
malware and cookies, Drive Vaccine users have access to an application that
offers total system protection.

Drive Vaccine is easy to install and operate making it the ideal option for
IT professionals and novice end-users.

Drive Vaccine costs $39 for a single end-user license (Volume discounts are