Runtime Labs releases MacSQL 3.0

For Immediate Release

New York, NY (August 6, 2004) – Runtime Labs announced today the release of
MacSQL 3.0. MacSQL is a robust solution for database management on the
Macintosh. A fully AppleScriptable application, MacSQL provides web authors,
publishers, and developers with a simple, graphical way to interact with SQL

MacSQL 3.0 features a streamlined interface rewritten from the ground up in
Cocoa to enable new features like a graphical Query Editor that greatly
simplifies query building (including JOIN support), a Query Drawer to
organize frequently used queries, an improved spreadsheet view of data, a
new form view for working with table rows, syntax highlighting, and a User
Manager for managing users and their access permissions.

MacSQL supports native connections to MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL,
Microsoft SQL Server, OpenBase and FrontBase. Other features include a
comprehensive Schema Viewer for viewing and editing schema, a Create Table
Tool for designing new tables, the ability to generate PHP and Embed Perl
pages, FileMaker Pro synchronization, import of text files, and export of
data in tab-delimited, CVS, SQL commands, XML, HTML, or Microsoft Excel

MacSQL 3.0 is available now at ( New copies
are $249 and upgrades are $149 (with $50 off until August 12). A Lite
version with a limited feature set is available for $99. Unregistered
copies of MacSQL 3.0 run in demo mode allowing full functionality (except
saving documents) for twenty launches in 60 days.

Runtime Labs is a small, highly-skilled software development shop
established in July 2000. Information about Runtime Labs’ products, their
features and prices, and additional information about the company is
available at (