The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg says that the BMW iPod Adapter works, but in a “crude” way. “BMW and Apple aren’t just any two companies,” Mossberg writes. “They are widely imitated corporate icons, known far and wide for their design and engineering skills. So, you’d think their joint effort at mating the iPod and the car would be a brilliant, smashing success. But you’d be wrong. I’ve been testing the system in a US$54,000 BMW 330Ci convertible, lent to me for a few days by BMW. I have tried several different iPods in the car, including a brand-new, fourth-generation model. My conclusion: The BMW iPod adapter works, but in a pretty crude way that will likely leave the iPod cult hungering for more. It’s a decent first step, but that’s all.” Mossberg says sound quality was excellent, but he experienced sudden skipping of songs and says his iPod froze up a few times.