Bernie announces TWM (The Window Maker), version 1.4.6

FutureBasic GUI Builder for OS X

TWM allows the FutureBasic programmer to graphically create windows and
controls, generating build window functions in a working shell in fully
editable, FB carbon code. This shell can be used as the basis for a new
project or its functions copied into an existing program.
New with v1.4.6:
– Import PGPro project
– Import FB source
– Merge TWM projects
– Bind controls to window edges
– Open recent menu
– Preview mode
– Undo/redo (1000 actions)
– Lock control bounds
– Check for newer version
– Size to fit
– Replicate & duplicate
– and much more

TWM (The Window Maker) is shareware [USD 29.95].

Further Information: