The Digital Lifestyle Expo is a new education and direct buying symposium series that aims to show the public how to harness the latest in digital technology. The event will kick off in Long Beach, Calif., Aug. 14-15, with shows following in New York City Sept. 25-26 and Atlanta Nov. 13-14. All 2004 Digital Lifestyle Expo events will feature two-day symposiums and workshops and will introduce people to video editing, audio production, digital photography, Web design and the migration to HDTV. Several presenters and instructors — such as David Pogue and Andy Ihnatko — will speak at the 2004 series. Featured companies and products currently include: Apple iLife, Final Cut Express, and Final Cut HD; Adobe Photoshop Elements, Photoshop and GoLive CS; Panasonic DV and 24p DV cameras; Nikon digital cameras; and much more.