Eric Hellweg of CNN/Money says that while Apple’s products have never been better, “some dark days lie ahead for the wizards of Cupertino” because of the company’s operational problems. He says the delay of the new iMac will have an effect on Apple because it will miss the back-to-school shopping season. Hellweg also notes that rivals are ready to grab some of Apple’s potential customers thanks to iPod mini delays. Apple CEO Steve Jobs needs to do two things quickly to put his company back on track, according to Hellweg. He says Jobs needs to decide whether he wants to be the full-time boss of Apple or Pixar — not both. He even brings up the possibility of hiring a co-CEO to help Jobs with the operational side of Apple. Hellweg also says Jobs needs to realize that computer sales still make up more than 60 percent of its revenue — and to not focus all of the company’s resources on iPod and iTunes.