Prosoft Engineering Announces The Release of
NetWare Client for Mac OS X IP Edition (version 1.2.2)

Pleasanton, CA =96 June 28, 2004 – Prosoft Engineering announces the release
of the latest version of NetWare Client for Mac OS X.

Netware Client for Mac OS X from Prosoft Engineering just got easier,
faster and more reliable…The new version adds these new features:

* It is now possible to save a Mount-Root volume as an NDS alias which can
then be used to auto-mount the volume during login. Please see the User
Guide for more information
* The Browser now detects unmount failures during logout and subsequently
cancels the logout.
* On 10.3 (Panther) systems, volumes will be labeled using the NDS name
instead of the NCP/Bindery name whenever possible.
* When in restricted mode, the Browser will clear the last user name used
during login.
* Support for custom folder icons.
* Better handling of file names with invalid characters. We now return an
error code that lets the Finder ignore these files and finish copying other
* Fixed a bug that was causing stale connections to remain open after a
logout. If another user logged in before these stale connections were
closed, they would end up with the
* Fixed a minor bug that would cause some operational feedback to be lost
if the Browser window was closed.

About NetWare Client

Mac OS X client machines need only the IP protocol to access the Internet
and local network services.

Servers can be located dynamically, statically, or both. The \”Automount\”
feature can select which volumes to automatically mount on login.

Eliminates the Need for Apple=AE Specific NLMs

NetWare Client for Mac OS X – IP Edition works without having to install
any additional software on existing NetWare 5 and 6 servers. This reduces
or eliminates administrator intervention.

Features include:

* Support for files larger than 4gb on servers that are running NetWare 6
SP3 or later (NSS volumes only)

* NCP packet signing for enhanced security

* Directory mount-root support (allows a sub-directory on a volume to be
mounted as if it were the root of the volume on the client).and allows
billions of volumes and directories

* Filesystem ACL support (for viewing trustee rights)

* Background SLP resolution and less memory usage allows for much improved
application response times.

RSA Secure Login

Genuine RSA Encryption – Using NDS, the Prosoft Native IP Client uses
industry standard \”Genuine RSA Encryption\” to ensure login
authentication. RSA is recognized as the de facto industry standard for


NetWare Client for Mac OS X is available for purchase online at (see site for single and multi-pack pricing) as well as
Prosoft reseller partners such as CDW, MacWAREHOUSE and

For more information about NetWare Client for Mac OS X please visit:

About Prosoft Engineering

Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. specializes in creating
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and expert users. Prosoft\’s line of networking and utility software
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