First Internet Monitoring Solution for Mac OS X Server Now Available

New Solution: Knowing which users are surfing which web sites, for how long
and when, helps establish and control an Acceptable Use Policy.

New York, NY, June 21, 2004 – Vicomsoft is delighted to announce the
immediate release of SuperIntendent for Mac OS X.

This is the first Mac OS X-based solution available in the growing market
of content monitoring and filtering. This solution provides the
capabilities that managers and company owners need in order to monitor how
much time employees spend searching news, leisure, and even employment
sites. In the public sector, SuperIntendent helps school and library
administrators easily filter inappropriate content.

This solution can support an array of network sizes=97from only five users t=
the largest enterprise networks in the world=97by leveraging the power and
flexibility of the Mac OS X operating system.

SuperIntendent incorporates Vicomsoft InterGate, the leading Mac OS X
software router solution, to provide detailed Internet usage reports and
the ability to filter content by user or group=97a vital tool for schools,
businesses and other organizations to effectively enforce an Acceptable Use
Policy. SuperIntendent presents full drill-down reports showing both
summaries and detailed information regarding the use of Internet resources.

To get a demo now, please visit:

To learn more about SuperIntendent, view sample reports, or arrange a
demonstration, visit the SuperIntendent Homepage:
( or call Vicomsoft Sales at: 888
842 2608.

Sample pricing: $448 for 5 users, $2298 for 100 users, $7298 for 1000 users.