— Revolutionary Synchronization “For the Rest of Us” Powers Collaboration
Between People Any Time, Anywhere –

BERKELEY, Calif., June 14, 2004 – WorldSync, Inc. today shipped SyncDeK(R)
Single-user Engine 5.0 and SyncDeK Network Engine 5.0, powering bi-directional
asynchronous data replication for data in FileMaker databases that are
persistently connected to the Internet or used offline.

Now for the first time, businesses and organizations can implement standalone
technology that synchronizes data between FileMaker databases. SyncDeK 5.0 is
compatible with FileMaker(R) 6 and FileMaker 7 databases on Mac OS X(R) and
Windows(R) platforms. SyncDeK 5.0 is introductory priced for immediate
deployment (see pricing section below) and available directly from

“SyncDeK drives collaboration with powerful, trustworthy data replication,”
explained Jason Erickson, founder and CEO of WorldSync, Inc. “FileMaker
solutions can now provide true enterprise-level data replication previously
possible through expensive scripted solutions. Now, anyone using FileMaker
databases can collaborate with co-workers who are mobile or at remote
even if changes are made to the database offline. Our goal is to ignite a
revolution of productivity for businesses, enterprise workgroups or any
collaborative community.”

SyncDeK 5.0 is a powerful application and plug-in combination that together
provides the synchronization of specified fields between distributed FileMaker
databases based on configurable rules, using commonly available Internet
protocols. Designed for use by remote sites and mobile workers, often working
offline, SyncDeK combines the power of Java-based background services with the
flexibility of standard Internet communication protocols to synchronize XML

Highly configurable and scalable, replication applies to individual data fields
or entire FileMaker database files across client/client, client/server or
server/server solutions. SyncDeK is configured, tested, deployed and maintained
using the new SyncDeK Developer Kit (see related release, dated today).

SyncDeK’s store and forward technology provides one-click data replication that
efficiently gathers local changes to the database, packages these into
compressed, encrypted shuttles and transports them over the Internet to
community members. SyncDeK simultaneously gathers remote shuttles sent from
other community members, performs field-level conflict detection and
and updates the local copy of the database. Conflict resolution is performed
according to configurable business rules.

Compatibility, Pricing and Availability
SyncDeK 5.0 licensing options include the SyncDeK Single-user Engine, for
deploying standalone FileMaker Pro databases, and the SyncDeK Network Engine,
for synchronizing networked FileMaker Server data sources.

SyncDeK Single-user Engines and SyncDeK Network Engines are available today,
compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP and 2000, and with FileMaker Pro 6,
FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Server 6 and FileMaker Server 7.

For a limited time, a SyncDeK Single-user Engine is introductory priced at
US$199 (regularly US$249), and a SyncDeK Network Engine is introductory priced
at US$699 (regularly US $849). Combinations of SyncDeK engines are also
included in two available “starter kits” which are introductory priced at
US$1299 (regularly US$1499).

SyncDeK Developer Kit also announced today (see related release) is
priced at US$499 (regularly US$749). Introductory prices are in effect through
July 31, 2004.

SyncDeK is sold and supported directly by WorldSync, Inc. at
( Fully functional evaluation packages are available
by contacting (

About WorldSync, Inc.
WorldSync, Inc. develops SyncDeK, the award-winning tool for distributing data
among FileMaker Pro applications any time, anywhere. SyncDeK offers data
replication for the rest of us, empowering today’s mobile workgroups and
collaborative communities with simple, powerful and trustworthy technology.
WorldSync, Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in Berkeley, Calif.
Further information about WorldSync, Inc. and SyncDeK can be found at