Singlestep Technologies Announces Availability of Singlestep Unity 2.0

IT Process Automation and Information Management software features new
dashboard and reporting capabilities for executive view and control

SEATTLE, WA, June 14, 2004 – Singlestep Technologies today announced the
release of Singlestep Unity=81 2.0, its Adaptive, IT Process Automation and
Information Management software. Unity 2.0 adds advanced dashboard and
reporting modules to give IT executives and service providers better
visibility and control of their network information.

The Unity Dashboard Toolkit is a set of-easy-to use tools which allows
users to quickly build real-time views of any collection or combination of
monitored network components. Any critical business service can be
reflected in a Unity Dashboard even if the servers, firewalls, and other
network components that comprise that service are all monitored by
different tools. Unity Dashboards give employees instant visibility to the
key information they need to do their jobs efficiently, whether it is
high-level dashboards for executives, or device- or event- level views for
the network engineer.

Viewpoint is a Web-based reporting module that gives users historical and
trending reports based on Unity’s integrated store of network data.
Viewpoint’s reports highlight emerging network trends and patterns, help
determine IT support costs, monitor service availability, and NOC operating
performance, among others. Viewpoint’s detailed reporting capabilities give
executives critical information to defend their budgets and identify the
best areas to invest for future IT projects that help create a successful
business-oriented network.

“We chose Unity [2.0] to help immediately improve performance and tactical
services =8A and make more informed strategic decisions about network
investments. We are also excited about the ability to provide new views
into how well IT service is being delivered through dashboards and in-depth
Vic Kellan, President, LAN Solutions

“For the last year we have been helping companies solve their operational
pain of having too many systems and too much information to manage
effectively and efficiently,” said Chris Noble, CEO of Singlestep
Technologies. “With Unity 2.0, we now help solve a customer’s strategic
pain by giving them the ability to see and control the information to make
the right strategic decisions about their business.”

Singlestep Unity 2.0 is designed to speed the advancement of an
organization’s network intelligence. Unity is able to integrate and
normalize data from a wider array of custom, off the shelf and open-source
monitoring tools, and with Dashboards and Viewpoint, makes it easier to use
that data to identify and automate critical IT processes and run networks
more efficiently to support the business.

Here are some of the features and benefits Unity 2.0 offers:

* Unity Dashboards for real time network views
* Unity Viewpoint Reporting for trending and historical analysis
* Efficient agent-less integration of existing network management data sourc=
* Increased performance resulting in the ability to handle twice the number
of events as Unity 1.0
* Rapid process automation with visual policy building tools
* Additional standard policies

* Real time views of network performance
* Integrated reporting information for strategic planning
* Faster reduction of mean time to repair (MTTR) alarms
* Normalized event data store for use in reporting, ROI analysis, TCO analys=
* Greater value from your existing network management systems
* A more flexible, adaptable network for keeping up with changing business

Enterprise customers such as Alaska Airlines, Speakeasy, and Sybase are
embracing Singlestep Unity. These customers and more have realized the
full potential of Unity and have enhanced their networks value and
efficiency. In addition, partnership support from IBM (Singlestep is an
Autonomic Business Partner), HP, Ipswitch and others are helping to extend
Singlestep’s reach into enterprises, service providers and mid-size
businesses throughout the country.

About Singlestep Technologies
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Singlestep Technologies Corporation
develops integration applications and solutions based on its patented
software platform, VNOS (Visual Network Operating System). With over ten
years invested in R&D, VNOS is an intuitive information integration
environment. Unlike any other tool on the market, VNOS enables users to
rapidly build programs that integrate any collection of devices or
applications, and can also be used to replace the command line interface of
today’s network devices with a graphical user interface. For more
information about Singlestep, Singlestep Unity, VNOS or our partner
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