RAE Internet Launches Northeast Distribution of Sophos Small Business Suite

May 24, 2004 =96 RAE Internet, a leading provider of email security
solutions for small businesses, has been selected as the primary Northeast
vendor for Sophos Small Business Suite, which provides full protection
against today’s virus and spam threats at all points of entry. Comprised
in this suite are the Sophos PureMessage Small Business Edition, which
combines award-winning virus and spam protection for the email gateway,
and Sophos Anti-Virus Small Business Edition, which offers a comprehensive
desktop and server defense against the virus threat.

Small companies rarely have a dedicated IT department and need to devote
time to managing their business, rather than worrying about the latest
mass-mailing virus threat or dealing with large quantities of spam.
Sophos PureMessage Small Business Edition addresses this need by
automatically downloading the latest virus and spam protection. By
filtering email at the Exchange or SMTP gateway, neither end-users nor
administrators need to deal with unwanted mail, and the network runs more
efficiently as it no longer has to process unwanted messages. Tailored
with RAE Internet=92s consultative approach to email security for small
business, the latest offering will simplify and alleviate the costly time
and resources small business owners devote to the latest virus and spam
protection. RAE Internet=92s proven commitment to small businesses provides
consultation, technology direction, and deployment strategy for businesses
that lack the required IT departments to handle such threats.

As many virus threats travel by means other than email, such as network
shares, the internet and wireless networks, small businesses also need to
protect their desktop computers and servers. Sophos Anti-Virus Small
Business Edition provides award-winning protection against viruses for
Windows and Apple Mac desktop and server computers, in a single solution
that is easily deployed and maintained for small network environments.

All of Sophos’s small business products are automatically kept updated via
the internet, providing hands-off operation. Virus identities and new
spam identification methods are delivered from Sophos’s worldwide labs for
automatic updating. Individual remote users can choose to update either
from their company network or directly from Sophos, while for those
connecting to the internet via a modem, updates can be checked on
detection of a dial-up connection.

The solution’s control center allows administrators to centrally deploy
Sophos Anti-Virus to new computers and configure and monitor updates via
the management console. Status information on every Windows computer
where Sophos Anti-Virus is installed is recorded and displayed, alerting
the administrator should a virus be detected.

About RAE Internet:
RAE Internet, based in New Rochelle, N.Y., provides virus, spam and email
protection for over 2000 educational institutions, ISPs and business
customers. RAE Internet is well respected in the anti-virus and anti-spam
industry for its reputation in customer service and technical support for
small and medium businesses. RAE Internet=92s Message Processing Platform
(MPP) technology for email scanners is also widely deployed with Sophos
Anti-Virus scanning technology.

About Sophos:
Sophos is a world leading developer of anti-virus and anti-spam software.
The company protects businesses and organizations – from small enterprises
to academic and financial institutions to governments and global
corporations – against viruses and spam. Sophos is acclaimed for
delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and protection in
the industry. The company’s products are sold and supported in more than
150 countries. For more information, visit: www.sophos.com