Friday, June 11, 2004:

Xupport 2.1

The “Swiss Army Knife” for Mac OS X. Xupport is a graphical user interface
to configure many hidden Mac OS X and Unix options. It provides many
functions to maintain, optimize, backup, clean, hack, enhance and secure
Mac OS X.

New in Xupport 2.1:
– New: Maintenance jobs can be run in queue.
– New: Maintenance jobs now run in background (Xupport can be used while
– New: Shutdown option for maintenance and backup jobs
– New: Preference setting for enabling “xupport” as shell command
– Bugfix: Prevents Xupport losing log connection when running maintenance jo=
– Bugfix: Displays the backup log correctly (broke in Mac OS 10.3.4)
– Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

Update Information:
Existing users may use the integrated update function in order to download
the latest update. Otherwise use the following download URL:

Xupport Key Features:
– Activate hidden Finder, Dock and Expos=E9 settings
– Browse and read unix manual entries (man)
– Browser, delete and get Finder info for invisible files and folders
– Run Mac OS X maintain scripts and optimizations
– Change swap file location (virtual memory)
– Create bootable backups
– Configure “ipfw” firewall using all options
– Empty Trashes with administrator privileges
– Find and delete “.DS_Store” files
– Find and delete old log files and their backups
– Enable/Disable guest access and access log of Personal File Sharing
– Change access port of Personal File Sharing, Web Sharing, Remote Login (ss=
– Clear “Launch Service” caches (“Rebuild Desktop” in OS 9)
– Enable/Disable “Disk Journaling”
– Set disk spindown time (AC and battery power)
– Optimize network settings for broadband connection
– Request new IP from a DHCP server
– Repair disk permissions
=2E.. many more features

Click the following link to get more detailed information about Xupport:

Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

Support is provided in english and german:

English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian