HyperNext v1.21

We are pleased to announce the release of HyperNext v1.21 for OS X and OS

HyperNext is an easy to use visual software development system that allows
hobbyists, students, educators, in fact anyone, to quickly create programs.
The HyperNext Creator can build standalone applications and stacks which
run on the free HyperNext Player. The HyperNext Developer builds plugins
for HyperNext Creator so allowing specialised libraries to be built for the
HyperNext community.

Version 1.21 is an update and has many improvements over 1.1x versions,

* Easier to use design interface.
* Enhancements to fields and graphics.
* Easy Network communications with remote applications.
* Over 30 additional file commands.
* New field object chunk commands.
* More flexible parameter usage for commands/functions.
* Faster compilation.
* Faster and more robust runtime engine.
* Player/standalones have future proof runtime engine.
* Smaller footprint, 5MB instead of 10MB.
* Updated documentation and help.

A trial version of HyperNext which allows projects to be created, edited,
run, saved and loaded can be dowloaded from our web site at


There are Standard, Enterprise and Educational licences available with
prices starting from just $49 for HyperNext Standard.