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Press Release

Webstractor: A Whole New Way of Using the Web

London, UK 17 May 2004 – Softchaos Ltd proudly announces the release of
Webstractor – A browser that captures, edits and compiles web pages from
multiple sources straight into a document. Now everyone can use the full
potential of the Internet as an information resource.

The Internet is becoming the predominant source of information in the modern
world. Using the Internet for research is cheap and effective, whether you
are researching the contents of a presentation, project or an assignment, or
for personal use such as searching for your next holiday or a product
comparison. Until now, if you weren’t content with looking at one web page
at a time, the only way to compile and edit this information was to copy and
paste clumsily from a web browser to a word processor.

Webstractor is the unique new product that encapsulates your Internet
research projects into their own editable, printable documents. Webstractor
captures every web page you visit and preserves its format, and allows easy
editing like a word processor. Webstractor is truly for everyone – no HTML
or web site development experience is necessary. What presently can take
hours, Webstractor turns into a handful of mouse clicks and a few minutes of

Unique features;
Automatically captures all the web pages you visit into one document that
can be viewed offline
Searches, organises, and generates Table of Contents across multiple web
Allows you to crop and edit pages taken from the web while preserving an
original of the contents, layout and format
In addition to web pages, add your own RTF, RTFD, Text, and Microsoft Word
documents to your Webstractor document.

Webstractor is a simple, intuitive, and comprehensive application that
breaks new ground in the field of information technology. No other tool
available today on any platform brings together the simplicity of a word
processor, the sophistication of a page layout program, and the convenience
of a web browser.

Download a free trial copy and read overview of Webstractor at (
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
Price: Online $79, Retail $99, Education Discounts Available.

Softchaos Limited, founded in October 2000, is a software development
company creating and well designed, market-leading productivity software for
the professional and intensive Macintosh user.