Jiiva today announced the release of SuperScrubber 1.5, a powerful disk erasing solution for the Mac. Version 1.5 expands SuperScrubber into three distinct editions: SuperScrubber G3, SuperScrubber G4, and SuperScrubber G5. “This change allows each edition’s disc to contain a different operating system, enabling Jiiva to continue to support early G3 models even as Apple’s latest operating system advances and becomes incompatible with older hardware. For example, Mac OS 10.3 “Panther” does not support beige Power Mac G3s, while SuperScrubber G3 does,” explains Jiiva. Additional changes in this update include improved support for Unix file systems, enhanced support for USB and Firewire hubs, as well as an updated list of built-in configurations. Each edition of SuperScrubber 1.5 is priced at US$29.99, or a set of all three for $49.99.