Appcelerator ( a mobile platform company, and the IDC analyst firm (IDC), has announced results of a new joint survey of more than 3,500 Appcelerator developers from around the world.

The survey reveals that developers are focused on creating mobile applications for the enterprise with Apple set to take the lead. The report also shows that developers are interested in Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform and that cloud services will play a big role in developing mobile apps moving forward.

The most significant finding in the “2Q 2012 Mobile Developer Survey” is Apple opening a dramatic 16% lead over Google’s Android when it comes to which operating system will win in the enterprise marketplace, with 53.2% saying iOS will win vs. 37.3% saying that Android will win. This is a very significant change in the past three quarters compared to 3Q 2011 when developers viewed iOS and Android in a dead heat at 44 percent each.

Appcelerator and IDC attribute this to the growing strength of Apple in the enterprise — most notably since the adoption of the iPad, regular reporting of Android malware, enterprise challenges in dealing with Android fragmentation, and resulting anecdotal reporting of enterprises re-evaluating widespread Android deployment outside of particular business vertical implementations such as M2M.