LogicalVue Software Releases RBUnit 1.0

South Portland, ME (April 2, 2004) — LogicalVue Software, Inc. today
announced the immediate release of RBUnit 1.0. RBUnit is the only unit
testing framework for REALbasic. RBUnit helps you to write top-quality


* Test Runner UI provides a quick, visual indicator of test results
* Full source code for the framework is included (Professional Edition)
* Allows multiple testing groups for each REALbasic project
* Easily incorporated into your software
* Tests are easily repeatable to support refactoring

Unit Testing

Unit testing and unit testing frameworks are part of the test-driven
development methodology. A unit testing framework make it easy to
write and reuse tests that can ensure the quality of your software.
After every change, the tests can be run again to make sure everything
continues to work as expected. Unit Testing Frameworks are extremely
popular with both Java and .NET developers. RBUnit brings the power of
a unit testing framework to REALbasic.


RBUnit 1.0 is available now from the LogicalVue Software web site at
http://www.logicalvue.com/Products/RBUnit.htm. RBUnit is available in
two editions, Standard (FREE) and Professional ($39.95).

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