4-2-2004 – Fremont, CA – .com Solutions Inc.
releases FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference Guide
.com Solutions Inc., a developer of
multi-platform database development tools, has released its FileMaker
7 AppleScript Reference guide. This AppleScript scripting language
guide provides a side by side quick reference for commonly used
FileMaker 6 and FileMaker 7 AppleScript code examples.
The .com Solutions Inc. FileMaker 7 AppleScript
Reference is intended to aid developers who need to migrate existing
FileMaker AppleScript code to work with the new relational model
incorporated within FileMaker 7. This reference highlights differences
in commands and returned values between differing versions of
FileMaker, including field type returned values and calculation
formula returned values. Selected code examples provide formatted
output of returned values suitable for additional processing by other
programs. For instance, the list of returned field names is a tab
separated list of values in order to take into consideration the fact
that FileMaker field names may contain spaces. The list of returned
field calculation values is returned in a similar manner because
calculation formulas can include spaces and return
The .com Solutions Inc. FileMaker 7 AppleScript
Reference is available as a free download from:
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