QuickerTek Doubles or Triples Wireless Range of 15″ & 17″ PowerBooks
External Antennas Debut For Aluminum PowerBooks

WICHITA, Kan. –March 30, 2004– QuickerTek, the exclusive developers of
PowerBook(tm) antennas for all Apple wireless products, is now shipping the
only external antenna for the 15″ and 17″ aluminum PowerBooks. It can
easily double and triple the signal strength for PowerBook users, quickly
and easily. Overwhelming customer demand from the expanding PowerBook
wireless user market prompted the development of this new antenna design.

This new external PowerBook antenna includes detailed installation
instructions that will make it easy for most users to quickly improve
wireless signal strength. QuickerTek also includes a CD containing software
for wireless system performance measurement. This new wireless antenna
doubles or triples the aluminum PowerBook’s usable range as well as
increasing throughput speed. This new antenna is ideal for those users who
are in environments where obstacles and other characteristics reduce
wireless performance.

These new wireless Airport antenna products are available for $89.95 for
either aluminum PowerBook computer. PowerBook users can find QuickerTek
antennas at resellers including MacAnywhere.com; TechnoWarehousellc.com and

Customers who bought our other antenna products have been thrilled with the
performance improvements,” said Rick Estes, president, QuickerTek. “We have
had several hundred customers request these antennas and after testing, we
concluded that we could provide significant wireless network improvements
in Apple’s latest and most powerful PowerBooks.”

QuickerTek is the only innovator of wireless antennas and RF products for
Apple desktop and portable computers as well as Airport Base Stations.

For more information contact, QuickerTek, 7777 E. Osie Street, Suite 304a,
Wichita, KS 67207, phone 316-691-1585, sales@quickertek.com or online at