FmPro Migrator 1.86 Enterprise

3-25-2004 – Fremont, CA – .com Solutions Inc.
releases FmPro Migrator 1.86 Enterprise Edition for MacOS X – New
Release Adds FileMaker to FileMaker 7 Table Consolidation
.com Solutions Inc., a developer of
multi-platform database development tools, has released FmPro Migrator
1.86 for MacOS X with enhanced functionality for FileMaker 7. FmPro
Migrator for MacOS X leverages new FileMaker database engine features
which have not previously been available in order to provide automated
FileMaker to FileMaker 7 database table consolidations. Migrating
multiple FileMaker database files into a single FileMaker 7 database
file enables developers to take advantage of the enhanced security
model incorporated within FileMaker 7.
The new FileMaker database engine within
FileMaker 7 makes it possible to create FileMaker database tables with
SQL commands. In prior versions of FileMaker, it was necessary to
create database files (tables) manually by using the FileMaker
graphical interface. This meant that it was previously not possible to
automate the creation of new FileMaker database files. FileMaker 7
incorporates newly designed, FileMaker database engine technology
which enables the creation of the database structure through the use
of SQL commands.
FileMaker 7 now includes the capability of
storing multiple database tables within a single database file.
Previous FileMaker versions placed only one single table within each
database file. FmPro Migrator for MacOS X can migrate each separate
database file into one single database file containing multiple tables
– one new table for each original database file. The data within each
of the individual FileMaker database files is quickly and accurately
transferred into FileMaker 7 via the FileMaker data import
With previous versions of FileMaker, developers
were required to develop their own security mechanism within their
FileMaker solutions. Developers can now leverage the new security
model within FileMaker 7 to develop more secure solutions with less
development effort. In order to take advantage of this new security
model, developers must consolidate multiple database tables into a
single FileMaker 7 database file. FmPro Migrator for MacOS X and
Windows enables developers to perform FileMaker to FileMaker 7 table
consolidations. FmPro Migrator also insures that column names are
compatible with SQL commands sent to the database.
New Features of FmPro Migrator for MacOS X
— Speed FileMaker 7 Migration Projects –
Retyping dozens or hundreds of field names into a new database
structure is time consuming and error prone. Leveraging the new
FileMaker database engine technology within FileMaker 7 enables these
previously manual tasks to be automated with FmPro Migrator for MacOS
— Utilize the New FileMaker 7 Security Model –
Consolidating multiple database files into a single FileMaker 7
database file enables developers to utilize the new FileMaker 7
security model. FileMaker solutions can be developed in less time and
with better security by utilizing the new FileMaker 7 security
— Improve Migration Accuracy – The migration of
database structure and data is automated by FmPro Migrator, thus
eliminating errors introduced by manual tasks. JPEG images, large text
fields and special characters are transferred to FileMaker 7 via the
built-in data import feature without compromising the accuracy of the
— Migrate Previous FileMaker versions to
FileMaker 7 – FmPro Migrator for Windows can migrate multiple
FileMaker database files into a single FileMaker 7 database file.
Managing a single FileMaker 7 database file improves the security and
manageability of the FileMaker 7 database solution. Files are easier
to back up, restore and copy between servers when only one single file
is being managed instead of dozens of separate files.
FmPro Migrator is available for MacOS X and
Windows. A free demo version of FmPro Migrator may be downloaded
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